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Laurent‑Perrier is a family-owned House that has always had a pioneering and innovating role in Champagne. Through its engagement in Sustainable Viticulture of the Champagne vineyards, and with each of its Cuvées, the House was created around 4 strong convictions.
First Company dedicated to the Manufacture of Nautical flooring made from synthetic teak based on EVA in Portugal.
Designs developed exclusively for each client, with excellent quality, efficiency and the latest technology.
Produced 100% in Portugal by those who understand the subject.
EVA Nautical Flooring Made in Europe
Enjoy a unique and safe experience when stepping on resistant and luxurious surfaces, DeoDeck is where quality mixes with modernity. 

Every day, seven young people aged 13-24 hear the words “you have cancer”. They will each need specialised nursing care and support to get them through it. We’re the only UK charity dedicated to meeting this vital need – so no young person faces cancer alone.


Our delicious cuisine surprises our customers with a comprehensive range of tasty specialties and drinks. We are happy to welcome you! We don’t take reservations, show up whenever you want. We are open 6 days a week from 11am to 3pm and from 6pm to 10pm. Our day of rest is Sunday.

It all began with a relationship which developed between the untouched and pristine natural word, which still remains intact in Portugal, and the vision of a family of doctors. Their concern about the enormous importance of water in human health has led them to search incessantly for water that could go far beyond mere hydration.

After 10 years of research on the purest spring waters, Healsi has arisen. Introduced in a Diamond-shaped bottle, Healsi is a premium water with rare characteristics.


A natural mineral water with a high alkaline content, pH 9, which makes up for the acidification of the organism, recovering the organs vitality and the well-being sensation.
Welcome to Geladaria Veneza. Since 1952 making artisanal ice cream. In Vilamoura since 1978.

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